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Snag your SETTING BOUNDARIES ebook here

Your guide to discover what your boundary setting style is, the impact it has on you and your relationships, and how to start practicing healthy boundaries to create mutually loving and honouring connections.



In this guide, you will:

1. Learn what boundaries are and aren't 

2. Why self-care is crucial in setting boundaries

3. The three characteristics of boundaries 

4. The impact of these characteristics on your relationships

5. The psychodynamics of rigid & porous boundaries 

6. Discover your own patterns

7. The 6 types of boundaries 

8. Communicating your boundaries

9. A look into family dynamics & boundaries 

10. Discovering your circle of influence 

11. Solutions for communicating boundaries

12. A look into boundary violations 

13. Dealing with boundary violations relationally 

14. Boundary violation scripts

15. Feelings associated with boundaries 

16. And 3 sets of reflection & journal prompts to help you dive deeper

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