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Finally, the relationship you crave!

Put a stop to dead-end situationships for good!

Is this you?

Do you feel lost, anxious and defeated in your love life?

Do you feel stuck in dead-end relationships with men who treat commitment like a plague? 

Are you fed up and tired of giving your time, energy and heart, with it not being reciprocated?..

Worse, do you catch yourself fighting off feelings of frustration, and bitterness with every wedding invitation you get, because it reminds you that you're still alone..

or haven't found your "one" yet?

Do you wonder if romantic love is for you, what you could be doing wrong, and if maybe settling is the only options left?

Hi, I'm Mare

I help high achieving single women get unstuck from dating patterns that are setting them back from getting the love they want & deserve!


Relationships have a direct impact on our quality of life, & choosing a suitable life partner is one of the biggest decisions you will ever have to make!

Settling is
NOT an option!

Want to stop repeating self-sabotaging patterns that block you from finding a compatible partner and forming the love connection you're looking for? 

I know what it's like to see another relationship fail and kick yourself in the butt for doing all the things you told yourself you wouldn't do.

The reality is..
what you don't heal, you repeat

A common misconceptions a lot of people have is believing that self-awareness is a one person job. 

The truth is, we need others to act as mirrors in our life to see ourselves more clearly

Here's what my clients have to say..

Nothing short of amazing! Your dedication towards your clients individual needs and desires is unmatched with any other therapist/coach I’ve worked with. Your warmth, genuine concern and ability to honestly reflect back to me has been amazing thus far!


Mariam is a true light to this world. She is dedicated to giving her clients so much attention and care with their individual needs and desires. Her genuine reflections and insights are invaluable to my growth as I dive deeper into who I am and who I want to be. I feel so blessed to have had the privilege of having Mariam coach me to my fullest potential! Thank you Mariam! I am forever grateful!!


Enlightening, enjoyable and encouraging! Our sessions together have been so insightful. I appreciate your warm and supportive approach and I would definitely recommend your services to others! 

RJ, Dubai

I've noticed that I feel lighter since starting therapy, and I'm able to be more honest with myself especially when it comes to communicating my needs. I'd highly recommend working with Mariam, her warm and gentle energy is perfect to foster a sense of safety and comfort.

SC, Canada

Are you ready to rewrite your love story?

Here's what's included:
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Image by Letícia Pelissari


Are you confident and secure in your career, and life and ready to date intentionally with a possible family in mind?

Do you desire a partner who takes you seriously and actively shows you that he is committed to doing life with you?

If this is you..

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